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The CSBG Learning Communities Resource Center (LCRC) aims to analyze Community Action outcomes and identify effective, promising and innovative practice models that alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty. LCRC promotes innovative anti-poverty practice models and responds to the ever evolving technical assistance needs of community action service providers as they seek to fight poverty more effectively and to improve outcomes for families and communities.

The Learning Community and the CSBG TTA Resource Center are two projects which support this important mission of the LCRC.

The Learning Community is comprised of topical Learning Community Groups (LCGs) which consist of a cadre of agencies that are currently working on a program or service delivery strategy aimed to fight poverty more effectively and to improve outcomes for families and communities. Learning Community members meet virtually and in-person to capitalize on peer knowledge and expertise, create effective strategies, and promote promising practices.

Come Learn with Us! Visit the Learning Community Blog To Access More Info

Visit the Learning Community Blog!

Learning Community Groups

  • Bundling Services to Improve Outcomes - Affirming the existence of comprehensive, bundled services in the Network and identifying which bundle of services are most impactful for serving low-income families.
  • Decreasing Family Homelessness - Increasing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, and expanding shelter supports and other services leading to home ownership.
  • Health Intersections - Collaborating with the health sector to strengthen anti-poverty outcomes for families.
  • Increasing Financial Empowerment for Families - Designing strategies to help families with low and moderate incomes stabilize their financial lives and rise above poverty.
  • Poverty Trends - A survey course on the causes and conditions of poverty today and its impact on Community Action.
  • Results at the Community Level - Clarifying the definition of what community level needs, outcomes and strategies and accessing tools and resources which demonstrate how to observe and document change at the community level and how to share the process with key stakeholders.
  • Rural IMPACT - A demonstration project working with 10 U.S. communities to make systems change in rural communities to implement a focused and intentional two generation approach to poverty.
  • Trauma Informed Approaches to Alleviating Poverty - Understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma in antipoverty efforts.

The CSBG TTA Resource Center is a wonderful compliment to The Learning Community as it is the “clearinghouse” for a broad array of resources to assist Community Action with its important anti-poverty work. The Resource Center allows for electronic submission of requests for T/TA, ensures the coordination of resources, and allows experts to meet the T/TA needs of the CSBG Network. It hosts a consultant bank; a resource bank which provides a broad array of evidence-based, evidence-informed and exemplary program practice models; a shared calendar; and a discussion forum. A valuable tool, the Resource Bank includes information, toolkits, webinars, articles and other information focused on a full range of services to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in communities served by the CSBG Network.

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