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At a Glance

MLTC 2018
GCCSA Harvey Relief Presentations - Dr. Reynolds

CAP Sonoma Disaster Relief and Prep

Lessons Learned from Oklahoma Disasters - Michael Jones

Eligibility for Federal Programs Guide

Mid Iowa Community Action

Migration Policy Institute

Intro to Board Roles and Responsibilities - Denise Harlow

Leadership Styles - Defined

Leadership's Role in Fund Development

Who Does What

2018 Partnership Communication Plan

NFF Invest In Results

Board Annual Fundraising Form

Prospect ID Worksheet

Fundraising Planning Form

Successful Fund Dev - CAP Conference

Accelerating Change, Increasing Impact

Adapting to an Outcomes-Based World - Brian Kellaway, Nonprofit Finance Fund

Budgeting and Dashboards

CAPLAW Mergers and Shared Services

CAPSC Social Media Strategy Overview

Team CAP Powerpoint - Dr. Lemon

Effective Management by WiseCAP

HS Letter to Grantees

Finance for Nonprofit Leaders

Building Healthy Agencies

Increasing Capacity, Investing in Staff by WiseCAP

MLTC Presentation Jan. 10, 2018

Results at the Community Level LGC

Strategic Planning Preparation

The Board's Role in Finance

Understanding & Planning for Full Cost - Brian Kellaway, Nonprofit Finance Fund



2017 Annual Convention

Our 2017 Annual Convention focused on Community Action: Transforming Community, Changing Lives. In 2017, we were excited to bring you inspirational and informative speakers and award-winners that energized and educated you to continue the successful work that you do to transform your communities and empower low-income families to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The conference took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from August 29-September 1.  We hope you had a productive and enjoyable week, and we hope you went back to your communities feeling enthusiastic and refreshed.



Annual Convention Program Book

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MLTC 2017

Assessing Financial Health & Diversifying Funding

Bridging the Gap: Program and Finance Staff

Tips on Personnel Policy and Practice Issues Faced by CAAs

A Block At A Time - A Community Success Story from East Decatur AL

The National Community Action Network Theory of Change

Effective Fund Development and Unrestricted Revenue Strategies

Handout for Management and Leadership Training Conference - Leveraging Workshop

Facing Race Embracing Equity - Rochester's Racial Equity Initiative

Introduction to Leveraging and Managing Multiple Energy Program Funding Streams

Analyzing the Causes and Conditions of Poverty

Narrative Change and Racial Healing: Opportunities for Community Change

New Administration: Strategic Opportunitiesfor the Community Action Network

The Rural IMPACT Initiative: Two Gen Strategies to Fight Rural Child Poverty

Strategies for Effective Media Relations

MLTC 2016

Worksheet for Recording Critical Stories and Developing Statements of Core, Deeply Held Beliefs

CAPLAW - Board_Scenarios

Dialogue On Community Action Anti-Poverty Strategies and Opportunities for Building Agency Capacity Through LCRC

A Dialogue On Community Action Anti-Poverty Strategies and Opportunities for Building Agency Capacity Through LCRC

Dispelling Data Myths - How to Make Your Data Work for You

KCEOC - Scorecards

Creating Public Will to Support Anti-Poverty Programs: Practical Tools to Make the Case for Community Action

Strategic Planning Nuts and Bolts: Developing an Organization-Wide Strategic Plan

Developing a Strategic Plan Scorecard

Why Millions of People Can No Longer Make a Living

Why Millions of People Can No Longer Make a Living: America’s Working Poor, its former Middle Class

Positioning CAAs for Innovative Antipoverty Approaches

Program Innovations for Addressing Rural Child Poverty A Two Generation Approach