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ROMA Next Generation

ROMA Next Generation Curriculum
The Association for Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers (ANCRT) and the Community Action Partnership have released a training series around ROMA Next Generation:  Implementing the ROMA Cycle in the “Next Generation” Performance Management Framework.  Within the training series you will find 4 video modules that introduce the following topics:  Creating a Local Theory of Change, Understanding Community Level Work, Setting the Stage for Data Collection, and an Introduction to the Analysis and Use of Data.  Each has a PDF of the associated slide deck.  In addition, three workshops dig deeper into the topics of the Theory of Change, Community Level Work, and Collecting & Analyzing Data.  An accompanying facilitator guide for each allows for agencies to utilize the materials how they see fit, with either a Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer, Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer, or other experienced facilitator leading the workshop.  The 5th piece of the series will be released in the next year with brief “beyond the basics” training modules around each piece of the ROMA cycle.


Video Series:

1.  Creating a Local Theory of Change:  Video Slides 

2.  Understanding Community Level Work Video: Video Slides

2a.  Community Level Example – Homelessness Reduction Project: Video | Slides 

3.  Setting the Stage for Data Collection: Video | Slides

4.  Introduction to Data Analysis: Video | Slides


Workshops and Facilitation Guides:

1.  Creating a Local Theory of Change:  Facilitation Guide | Workshop Slides

2.  Data Collection, Analysis, and Use: Facilitation Guide | Workshop Slides

3.  Understanding Community Level Work Facilitation Guide | Workshop Slides

 To learn more check out the webinar about the launch of this curriculum:

Implementing the ROMA Cycle in the “Next Generation” Performance Management Framework  Recording | Slides


ROMA Next Generation Resources

For more information and complete list of resources for ROMA Next Generation, click here to visit NASCSP's ROMA Next Generation page. 


ROMA Practitioner's Meeting September 2016

 Comment Periods


  • Partnership ROMA Next Generation Discussion and Feedback Session 11/21/2016 Slides
  • Dialogue with the National Partners - 11/15/2016 Recording
  • How to Prepare for the CSBG Annual Report in your State - 11/14/2016 Recording | Slides
  • November 2016 Module Guides
    - Module 1: State Administration
    Recording | Slides
    - Module 2: CSBG Eligible Entity Expenditures, Capacity and Resources Recording | Slides
    - Module 3: Community Level Recording | Slides
    - Module 4: Individual and Family Level Recording | Slides
  • Updated CSBG Annual Report - 11/1/2016 Recording | Slides
  • ROMA Next Generation Update Recording
  • Module 1, State Administration Recording
  • Module 3, Community Level Recording | Slides
  • Module 4, Individual and Family Level Recording | Slides
  • Modules 1 & 2, State Administration & Agency Expenditures, Capacity, and Resources Recording | Slides

Guidance, Tools and Resources to Support Your Review

As you review the CSBG Annual Report, you will notice significant changes were made to the ROMA NG components originally posted during the Initial Comment Period. OCS and NASCSP will provide webinar recordings and host live webinars to provide additional detail on the CSBG Annual Report. 

Click here to view the introductory video for an overview of the comment and review process.

Discussion Guides and Q&A


  • Update June 2016: The materials are organized into four modules:
    - Module 1:  State Administration;
    - Module 2:  Agency Expenditures, Capacity, and Resources;
    - Module 3:  Community Level; and 
    - Module 4:  Individual and Family Level

  • Theory of Change
  • Proposed Community NPIs
  • Proposed Community Level Efforts in Progress
  • Proposed Community Level Strategies Report
  • Proposed Individual and Family NPIs
  • Proposed Individual and Family Services Report
  • Proposed Baseline Characteristic Report
  • Proposed All Characteristic Report
  • Proposed CSBG Expenditures and Agency Capacity Report
  • Proposed Resources of the CSBG Network Report