Community Action Partnership's Strategic Plan

Developed in 2014, and adopted by the Partnership Board of Directors in January 2015,

the Strategic Plan is divided into key areas with 6 Initiatives and 9 Goals


Training and Technical Assistance

Initiative 1: Training and Technical Assistance

  • Strategic Goal 1: The Partnership will support organizational capacity, effectiveness and accountability within the Community Action network by providing ongoing support towards the implementation of organizational standards by local Community Action Agencies.
  • Strategic Goal 2: The Partnership will continue to develop and provide high quality training and technical assistance to the membership while leading them through the development of innovative initiatives.

Initiative 2: Leadership Development and Engagement

  • Strategic Goal 3: The Partnership will engage and support the network in leadership development of the current and next generation of Community Action leaders.


Initiative 4: Fund Development, Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship Strategies for Community Action Agencies

  • Strategic Goal 6: The Partnership will see economic development, fund development and social entrepreneurship opportunities for itself and its membership.



Initiative 3: Advocacy on Poverty Issues

  • Strategic Goal 4: The Partnership will continue to support the National Community Action Foundation’s (NCAF) advocacy efforts with Congress on appropriations and reauthorization of Community Action programs.
  • Strategic Goal 5: The Partnership will continue to develop its influence as a national leader and advocate on poverty issues.




Initiative 5: Marketing, Branding and Public Relations

  • Strategic Goal 7: The Partnership will engage and support the membership in branding efforts that will enhance Community Action’s visibility and recognition at the national level.


Organizational Capacity


Initiative 6 - Internal Capacity Building and Organization Development - is about the Partnership’s ability to carry out its work and therefore not listed under the three main pillars above.  It includes:

  • Strategic Goal 8: The Partnership will ensure organizational readiness and effectiveness to support the implementation of the strategic plan developed by the board.
  • Strategic Goal 9: Partnership will be managed strategically and effectively to ensure that it continues to be a viable national entity that represents the Community Action Network.